Welcome to The Ins & Outs: A Queer Resource Guide!

This guide was created to serve and support the ETSU community.

It aims to do that by linking individuals to resources both on campus and in our surrounding communities, educating readers about various aspects of the queer community, and helping to create a more inclusive, welcoming environment at ETSU.

The guide covers a wide range of topics including discrimination, sexual health, how to be an ally, support for queer young adults, queer history, and more!

Read below for tips on how to navigate the guide, or go ahead and start exploring the guide yourself!

How to Use The Ins & Outs Resource Guide

The guide is structured to provide the most useful and relevant information to each reader as conveniently as possible.

At the top of the website, there is a main menu with broad categories. Then, there is either a static page about this topic, or there is a collection of posts relating to this topic.

Each post has a title and summary to help readers key in on which posts they’d be interested in reading.

Resources are divided up into three categories: campus, regional, and national.

  • Resources that are directly located on the ETSU campus are listed under Campus Resources. These organizations specifically, and sometimes exclusively, serve ETSU students, faculty, and staff.
  • The Regional Resources category is for organizations that are located in the Tri-Cities area and neighboring areas. There are resources in this category that are located throughout the state of Tennessee and in nearby states, such as organizations in Asheville, North Carolina.
  • Large, wide-ranging organizations and resources are listed under the National Resources. These resources are typically well-know, established organizations, as well as electronic resources.

Community Profiles are mini-interviews with people who are members of both the ETSU community and the queer community.

The Ins & Outs greatly appreciates their contributions to this guide and the support they provide for our community.

The Terminology provided in this guide is by no means a complete list of words used in the queer community. Additionally, not everyone in the queer community would define the included words in the same way.

It is simply meant to provide a starting point for popular words and meanings so that anybody can understand and benefit from this guide.

Want to Help Improve the Guide?

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And please check-out this anonymous survey to share your opinions and ideas, so the guide can be improved to better serve our community.

Thank you, and enjoy reading!